"Seerveld writes with the learned precision of the academic, but also with the passion and wry humor of a man rationally and emotionally convinced that we are God's creatures living in God's world. Above all, he looks. He looks carefully, thoughtfully, in detail, and with a constructively critical eye. The result is writing that brings art and artists to life, whether from this age or from ages past, and makes us reflect seriously about our own lives and practice."

-Nigel Halliday, freelance art historian, lecturer, and teacher, Liss, UK

"Now, for the first time, Cal Seerveld's writings that deal with the methodology and practice of art history are found together in sequence, and expert introductions help the reader grasp how they add up to a uniquely challenging and faithfully Christian approach."

-Dr. Graham M. Birtwistle (emeritus), Department of Art History, VU University, Amsterdam

"As a scholar from outside the field, Cal Seerveld brings fresh insights to the methods and motivations of art history. He addresses art history as an enterprise with great importance and urgency. Seerveld's practice of identifying connections across periods of art history manifests a belief in God's authority over the entirety of history and culture. His is a pursuit of the divine continuity that binds and gives meaningful significance to the ordinary particulars of historical and cultural moments."

-Dr. James Romaine, Association of Scholars of Christianity in the History of Art (president), associate professor of art history, Nyack College