Past Presidents

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Information on Our Current President

Dr. Erik Hoekstra

Rev. B.J. Haan

Rev. B.J. Haan was the first president of Dordt. His presidency began in 1957 when he was appointed acting president of the one-year-old institution. In reality, his leadership and association with the college began earlier. In 1947 he was already working with a group of people to explore the idea of starting a Christian college in Northwest Iowa. In 1951 he became part of a steering committee to help make that happen.

Dr. John B. Hulst

Dr. John B. Hulst was president of Dordt from 1982 to 1996. Like Haan, his association with and commitment to Dordt began long before his presidency and was the focus of most of his professional career. As a Christian Reformed pastor in Northwest Iowa, he supported efforts to begin the college and can be seen in photographs taken at the ground breaking. 

Dr. Carl E. Zylstra

Dr. Carl E. Zylstra was Dordt's third president. Like his predecessors, Zylstra was a pastor in the Christian Reformed Church. But he was its first non-founder president, a fact that shaped how he approached his presidency. In his inaugural address, he thanked his predecessors for setting the vision and renewing the vision, and he went on to challenge the campus community to live the vision.