Where will my money go?

Each student at Dordt College is here at this time and place following God's call in their life to study, research, compete, create, experience, and actively engage in the kingdom. And your gift plays a vital role.  Every dollar you donate directly impacts the life of a student, providing the means and Christ-centered education/opportunities they need to be tomorrow’s leaders in their field.

Where and how your gift is put to use is up to you.


Dordt College Fund

Dordt College Fund

  • Serves the areas of greatest need
  • Consists of unrestricted contributions
  • Offers vital support to the college’s operating budget

Alumni Scholarship Drive

Alumni Drive

  • Provides financial assistance to students in need
  • Assists prospective students
  • Actively supports undergraduate summer research projects

Spring Renewal Drive

Spring Renewal Drive

  • Cultivates special projects
  • Ensures that infrastructure costs are NOT included in student’s tuition


  • Promotes student performance and future potential in a variety of activities, including sports, theatre, student publications, forensics, and music


  • PLIA (Putting Love Into Action)
  • AMOR (A Mission OutReach)


  • Supports student and department led projects that serve to cultivate leadership, learning, and community


  • A collaborative effort of regional businesses, industries and professionals
  • Works to improve the quality of living and learning within area communities