Payment Calculator

The Payment Calculator helps you calculate expenses for each semester. You will be able to access your account online around August 1 for the fall semester and around January 3 for the spring semester. To access your account summary, go to DC Central → Finances → Account Summary.

Charges (per semester, check all that apply)


Full-time (12 to 18.5 credits)
Overload Fee (above 18.5 credits): ( credit hours times $410)
Part-time (below 12 credits): ( credit hours times $1,230)
Activity Fee

Room & Board

Residence hall
* Reduced meal plan credit
Apartment Style

Music Lessons



Other charges
Total Charges:


Financial Aid

1st Semester amount as listed on Financial aid award; do not include student employment

Stafford Loan

1st Semester amount; deduct applicable fees

Other Credits

Outside scholarships, loans, or credits
Total Credits:
Semester Estimated Net Cost:


Note: If using the monthly payment plan, we suggest that you include a copy of these calculations along with your application form. If questions arise, we are able to assist you better.