Active Grants


$1,200,000 - Dr. Valorie Zonnefeld - PI, Dr. Tom Clark, Dr. Jeff Ploegstra, and Dr. Ryan Zonnefeld - Co-PIs
Noyce Scholars: Preparing STEM Teachers to Serve in High-Need, Rural School Districts
Dordt will recruit, prepare, and retain highly-qualified STEM teachers to teach in high-need rural school districts.

National Science Foundation

$649,947 - Dr. Manuela A.A. Ayee - PI, Dr. Ethan Brue, Dr. Valorie Zonnefeld, Dr. Nathan Tintle, and Dr Kari Sanduoka - Co-PIs
Retention of Undergraduates in STEM: Reducing Barriers to Success in Mathematics, Engineering, and Computer Science
This project will contribute - through scholarships - to the national need for well-educated scientists, mathematicians, engineers, and technicians by supporting the retention and graduation of high-achieving, low-income students with demonstrated financial need.


$579,995 - Dr. Nathan Tintle - PI, in collaboration with California Polytechnic State University, Hope College, and Pennsylvania State University
Broadening the Impact and Evaluating the Effectiveness of Randomization-based Curricula for Introductory Statistics
This project focuses on the development of instructor resources supporting the use and implementation of a radical new way to teach introductory statistics. The project also involves multiple workshops to train faculty on using the curriculum and a substantial assessment project examining transferability and developmental learning trajectories.

National Institute of Health / National Human Genome Research Institute

$352,738 - Dr. Nathan Tintle - PI
Analyzing the Behavior and Interpreting the Results of Gene-Based Tests of Rare Variant Association
This project is developing and applying a variety of novel approaches for the analysis of human next-generation sequencing data, primarily in the context of genome-wide association studies.


$383,504 - Dr. Nathan Tintle - PI, Dr. Mark Christians, Dr. Luralyn Helming, and Dr. Mark McCarthy - Co-PIs
Research Experience for Undergraduates Site: Effects of Political Upheaval and Ethnic Discord on the Mental Health of a Population
This project is using undergraduate students to provide analyses of an existing dataset of mental health outcomes in the country of Ukraine.


$362,589 - Dr. Channon Visscher - PI, Dr. Nick Breems, Dr. Kari Sandouka, Dr. Nathan Tintle, and Brian Van Donselaar - Co-PIs
Network Design and Implementation for Small Institutions: Rural Campus Connectivity and Research and Teaching on the Prairie
This project provides cyberinfrastructure upgrades at Dordt University for an Internet2 connection and enhanced network connectivity between campus locations, data sources and computing resources.

National Science Foundation

$271,180 - Dr. Nathan Tintle - PI
Modeling Transcriptome Inferred Gene Activity States for the Investigation of Metabolic and Regulatory Diversity of Sequenced Microbes
This project is modelling transcriptomic inferred gene activity states.


$225,000 - Dr. Joel Sikkema - PI, Dr. Nathan Tintle, Oscar Rodriquez, and Dr. Leah Zuidema - Co-PIs
Expanding ATE by Developing and Implementing a Model Program for Holistic Technician Education at a Small, Rurally-located Private College
This project seeks to develop, establish, grow, and evaluate new associate of science degree programs that can meet regional workforce demands.


$25,000 – Dr. Duane Bajema – PI
Planning for the Long-term Impact of the Dordt University Agriculture Stewardship Center on Basic Research and Education Related to Ecological Sustainability in the Rural Midwest
Funding from this grant will allow Dordt to pursue a one-year strategic planning and visioning process, working with key constituencies during this process in order to have maximal impact on the four-state area for decades to come.


$10,000 - Dr. Channon Visscher - PI
Creation Stories for Planetary Systems
Opportunity to be involved in the Oxford Interdisciplinary Seminars in Science and Religion: Bridging the Two Cultures of Science and the Humanities.


$10,000 - Dr. Kari Sandouka - PI
New and Enhanced Outreach Programs for Rural Females to Expose Them to Computer Science
Providing scholarships to Middle School and High School female students to attend Dordt-hosted academic camps.

Burroughs Wellcome Fund

$8600 - Dr. Manuela A.A. Ayee - PI
Cell Biomechanics and Dyslipidemia: Lipoprotein impact on endothelial membranes
This project will research the effects of low-density lipoprotein (LDL) and its oxidative modification (oxLDL), which are contributing risk factors for atherosclerosis. 


$7,500 - Dr. Mike Janssen - PI
The Effects of Pre-class Web-based Activities to Motivate Active Learning in First- and Second-year Mathematics Courses
Research will be conducted to determine if structured pre-class activities delivered via the web in freshman and sophomore math courses result in improvement in both direct and indirect measures of student learning.

Council for Christian Colleges & Universities

$2,500 - Dr. Kristin Van De Griend - PI
Multi-institutional Campus Safety and Preventing Misconduct Project
Planning grant to establish need and to finalize a full proposal, with the intent to collaborate with Redeemer University College and multiple other diverse campuses within the CCCU network.