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2015-16 CEE Poster Contest Entries Gallery

"I have been looking for kid friendly websites and learning tools that are educational and fun for my students. The other night I was looking for some resources on economics for my students when I came across your page. I just wanted to thank you for making your page. It is not only kid friendly, but also has some great links and resources."
-Janelle Torres, Colorado

"Our organization has had the privilege of partnering with the Dordt University Center for Economic Education on a number of financial literacy programs and initiatives since 2012. The Dordt Center for Economic Education offers educators and students many opportunities to enhance their understanding of financial and economic topics.

"Among many things, the Dordt CEE facilities the state-wide Iowa Stock Market Game throughout the school year, as well as a fall economics poster contest for elementary and middle school students. TS Institute is proud to participate in these events and appreciates the efforts by the Dordt CEE team to make these opportunities available.

"The Dordt CEE is also playing a primary role in reshaping financial education throughout our state. Erica Vonk's experience as an economic educator and consultant offers unique perspective and insight to Iowa Department of Education officials as they work to improve financial and economic literacy throughout Iowa's schools. The Dordt College Center for Economic Education is a valuable resource for Iowans and one that we are proud to partner with!"
-Bob Mantell, Director of TS Institute

"I was dreading the thought of piecing together my economics unit. Now I'm stoked!"
-Sioux Center Middle School Social Studies Teacher

"Thanks for coming and teaching economics to my students! You made the concepts so clear that my students understood them easily. The class and I often discussed the things you taught us as we worked through the rest of the unit."
-Ellen Korver, Sioux Center Christian School

"Learning economics is fun? Yes! The zoo activity that Mr. Starkenburg did with my third graders really challenged them to think about economic principles as they worked together to use their money, space, and resources wisely."
-Andrea Wieringa, Sioux Center Christian School