About Us

In Iowa, economics and personal finance education is included in the K-12 standards and is required to be implemented by districts; however, Iowa does not require a high school economics personal finance course and they are not required courses for many college students. Few college professors and fewer K-12 teachers have received formal financial education. The teaching, training, and curriculum materials provided through Centers for Economic Education in every state have research-based, proven curricula to improve literacy of teachers in these areas. The multiplier effect of each trained teacher reaching 100 students per year is the foundation of center-based educational objectives.

What We Do

The Dordt University Center for Economic Education, affiliated with a nationwide network of college-based Centers for Economic Education, has various programs for teachers and students to get involved with to further their Economic and Financial Literacy Education. These programs include:

  • Workshops
    • Throughout the year, the Dordt University CEE will offer topical workshops for teachers and education majors in college introducing new ideas and materials for K-12 classroom. As workshops are scheduled for the coming year, they will be posted on our website.
  • Professional Development Activities
    • The CEE works with school districts to plan activities for strengthening teachers' knowledge and classroom strategies in economics and financial literacy for K-12. Programs can be designed for teacher in-service days and offer specific topics that districts may request. Feel free to contact us to arrange for the CEE to bring specialized professional offerings to your district or schools.
  • Teaching to 2017 Iowa Standards
    • Our extensive resources and many online resources have been aligned with the newest Iowa Standards. We work with the State Department of Education to continually expand alignment of new resources. The CEE has many helpful links and will continue to expand the information available. Nationally designed and normed assessment instruments for your school or district can be found on the National Council website.

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