Past Projects

The mission of the Andreas Center is to advance the development and influence of Reformational thought and its service to God's kingdom by broadening the generational and geographical impact of Dordt University. The Andreas Center carries out its mission by supporting and expanding opportunities, both on and off campus, for students, faculty, and staff to engage culture globally through scholarship and service.

Faith in the Arts

The Fourth World Project

The Fourth World is a film documentary by Professor Mark Volkers and Prairie Grass Productions that takes the viewer inside the slums on three continents to meet individuals caught up in the largest people migration in the history of the world. Professor Volkers took students to the Philippines during Christmas 2008 and to Kenya over the Christmas break in 2009. His purpose was to give digital media students on-the-job training and a better understanding of what daily reality is like for the many people living in the slums. The Fourth World has already won many awards in 2012 and continues to be screened at film festivals.

"Through Their Eyes"

'Through Their Eyes' was a collaborative community project where local children (primarily Hispanic and Caucasian) learned about and photographed key aspects of their culture and community in order to discover more about their own perceptions of community, from family to neighborhood to world, and how to improve them. 'Through Their Eyes' involved Dordt education students, Dordt instructors, and the Sioux Center Public Library. Christian Reformed World Missions (CRWM) missionary and Dordt alumna Megan Ribbens, who has also performed similar workshops in Nigeria, helped orchestrate the project.

"Charis: Boundary Crossings" Traveling Art Exhibition

"Charis: Boundary Crossings" exhibition came out as an experiment in cross-cultural engagement. In June 2008, 18 artists and art scholars from the United States and several Asian/Pacific nations gathered in Java and Bali to consider Indonesia's cultural wonders while sharing ideas of how they engage their home cultures as Christians and as artists. The exhibition is comprised of almost 40 works, including paintings, sculptures, assemblage, fiber constructions, and installations. The exhibition visited Dordt University from October 11 to December 31, 2011; it traveled throughout North America through 2011 before heading to Asia.

Master Class in NYC

Partial subsidy in 2011 for Dordt College photography students who participated in a master class in and of the streets of New York, mentored by Professor Douglas Burg and René Clement. In addition to photo shoots in the city, they created images of day laborers for Project Hospitality on Staten Island. Upon return, they produced a body of work displayed at Dordt University.

Founding Partnerships

Center for the Advancement of Christian Education 

CACE is dedicated to facilitating this process of sharing best practices in Christian education collaborating with Christian school thought leaders, innovative practitioners, and Christian education supporters of all shapes and sizes to promote, innovate, advocate, improve, and sustain Christian education at all levels.

Center for Public Justice (CPJ) Archives

Supported establishing an archival collection of CPJ documents at Dordt University. Hopes are to expand this collection to include resources from other organizations that have their roots in Northwest Iowa and Dordt's reformational heritage and vision.


The Andreas Center supports qualified faculty members to pursue projects that help deepen Reformational perspective on a particular topic or issue. This support makes possible extra time for research, as well as increased opportunity to present and pursue that research. Previous faculty fellows include:

Deepening the Colors More

Aaron Baart (Dean of Chapel) received Andreas Center support to take the successful groundwork already laid out in the current CORE 100 Deepening the Colors text and, working via a collaborative writing process with the author Dr. Syd Hielema (Redeemer University College), to provide a virtual overhaul of this book that would continue to serve the CORE 100 program within Dordt but also potentially serve a wider CCCU and general church audience as well.

Futurity in Phenomenology

The Andreas Center is provided a modest subvention to help pay for the publication of philosophy professor Dr. Neal DeRoo's new book: Futurity in Phenomenology: Promise and method in Husserl, Levinas, and Derrida (Fordham University Press, 2013).

Historically oriented middle school Mathematics Textbook

Dr. Calvin Jongsma, Dordt professor of mathematics emeritus, developed units for a middle school mathematics text that incorporates historical perspectives, to serve as a resource for teaching middle school mathematics. The Andreas Center supported this project with funds to lighten his teaching responsibilities for two years. Anyone interested in using portions of this material should contact him.


Translating Common Grace

In January 2012 the Andreas Center for Reformed Scholarship and Service become an official (supporting) partner of the Kuyper Translation Society's Gemeene gratie (Common Grace) translation project.


Crossings is a Kuyperian experiment in student publishing. It is designed to be a student counterpart to Pro Rege, Dordt's academic journal, showcasing the best thought and most graceful writing of students across a wide variety of disciplines. It emphasizes interdisciplinary research through collaborative panels that approach a multi-aspectual topic from a theoretically non-reductionistic standpoint.

Serving the Global Community

Special Education in Nicaragua

The Andreas Center is providing some support to Dr. Kathleen Van Tol, Assistant Professor of Education, to work with the Ministry of Education in Nicaragua to expand and develop country-wide special education curriculum and resources. Dr. Van Tol is living in Nicaragua for the Spring 2015 academic semester to develop this program. Learn more about Kathleen Van Tol'€™s work on in all things

Men's Basketball Camp in Chicago

Support (with a decreasing balance over five years) for conducting a free three-day summer basketball camp for inner-city youth on Chicago's west side (in conjunction with Chicago Hope Academy) starting in 2011, to be offered on a bi-annual basis, and involving current basketball players and staff.

Collaboration with IAPCHE Faculty Enrichment Program

Professor Jay Shim observed IAPCHE Faculty Enrichment programs in India, made a presentation in Indonesia, and developed an anthology of reading helpful to develop Christian teacher scholarship by faculty in various regions of the world in collaboration with IAPCHE. Dr. Shim gave presentations in India, Indonesia, Philippines, and South Korea with positive results and invitations for more presentations.

Conferences and Seminars

Past Conferences

2015: Iowa Conference on Presidential Politics

2013: Andreas Center Conference

2012: The Christian Evasion of Popular Culture

2010: Immigration and Community

Q Commons

Q Commons was created as a place where church and cultural leaders could come together to collaborate and explore ideas about how the Gospel can be expressed within our cultural context. This global simulcast event, in partnership with, features global and local speakers. The Andreas Center and Dordt College served as a host site for one of the 60 cities worldwide for the purpose to learn and consider how to advance good in our local communities.

Christian Leadership Integrity Project

The Andreas Center provided some support for a one-day Christian Leadership Summit in early March 2013 in New York City that will be moderated by Dordt College President Emeritus Dr. Carl Zylstra. This Integrity Project, hosted by the Consortium for Educational Advancement, sought to challenge Christian leaders and institutions to demonstrate and nurture the highest level of integrity, in character, accountability, intellect, doctrine, and morals. The Project analyzed past concerns and encouraged the development of effective present and future leaders who acknowledge Jesus Christ as Lord, motivated them to fulfill this commitment through a life of service.

Sewell Conference Papers and Lecture Series

In the summer of 2009, Keith C. Sewell, a professor of history at Dordt, gave a series of lectures in Europe with support from the Andreas Center. In honor of the 500th anniversary of John Calvin's birth, Sewell presented papers at major academic conferences in Toronto and Geneva, as well as presented lectures on the Reformation tradition in England. From this experience, Sewell expects to publish his papers and develop his lectures in book form.

Calvin, Worship, and the Arts Workshop

Jointly sponsored by the Andreas Center and music department of Dordt College on November 7, 2009, this workshop consisted of two plenary addresses, followed by eight sectionals on worship and music, visual arts, Scripture reading, the senses and the sacraments, and others. Plenary speakers were Dr. Karin Maag, Director of the Meeter Center at Calvin College, who spoke on "Worship and Congregational Life in Calvin's Geneva," and Dr. Duane Kelderman, vice president for administration at Calvin Theological Seminary and co-author of Authentic Worship in a Changing Culture, who addressed worship planning that is rooted in the Calvinist tradition while meaningful for 21st century culture.