The Voice: Summer 2003

The Voice

Church Support

From its beginnings Dordt College has enjoyed a reciprocal relationship with its supporting churches. In acknowledgement and appreciation for the churches’ generous financial support, the college returned a portion of those gifts to students who belonged to a supporting church. This institutional grant-in-aid was not large; its importance and significance was in what it said to church members. “We value your partnership—in providing funding, encouraging the students in your church to consider Reformed institutions of higher learning, and in your faithful prayer support.” For many years the grant-in-aid has been $250. Though it has grown in the number of students who are eligible, including students who graduate from Christian high schools, the size of the award has not. Until now. Beginning next year, institutional grant-in-aid awards will be $500. Dordt College owes much to the churches who were instrumental in her founding and development. This is a small but important way for us to say thank you for the continuing support of our church family.