The Voice: Summer 2003

The Voice

2003-04 alumni scholarship winners selected

Three junior students were awarded a Dordt College Alumni Scholarship this spring. Each applicant was asked to write an essay describing their personal background, their Dordt experiences and how they were affected by them, and their personal and career goals.

Lindsay Cameron, from Rugby, North Dakota, is double majoring in agriculture and theology. She wants to help farmers in developing countries expand their agricultural systems. She writes: “Foundational to the training I receive at Dordt is the concept of stewardship. I am learning to approach farming from a biblical perspective, taking care of creation according to God’s commands and principles.

In light of this it seems fruitless to try to teach someone the principles of sustainable agriculture without incorporating a biblical worldview regarding creation, sin, redemption, and the importance of Christ’s Lordship over all. I am seeking training in missions and theology, as well, knowing that I will be required to give reasons for what I do, whether I live here in the States or in a foreign country.”

Brenda Janssen is a theology major and music minor from Beamsville, Ontario. Graduate school, mission work, or anything else that fits her gifts are career options for her. She writes: “Prior to the beginning of my junior year, I changed my major from music education to theology. It was not that theology was a holier major or that music seemed too easy (it was far from it!). Rather, it was the sense that theology challenged me and my faith in a way it needed to be; God was working through me in theology classes, and I loved these classes enough to know that God wanted me to enjoy studying the framework of my beliefs. Through a music major I could have served God and pleased Him, but He left the choice up to me and I chose theology.”

Kyle Van Arendonk is a pre-med exercise science major from Pella, Iowa. He hopes to practice as a doctor and would like to provide health care to areas with little or no medical care. He writes: “I want my Christian faith to be evident in all that I do as a physician—in the difficult decisions that I make, in the way that I treat my patients, and in the way that I interact with other health care employees.”