The Voice: Winter 2002

The Voice

Lilly Fellows Program funds new mentoring opportunities

A grant from the Lilly Fellows Program will fund a new faculty mentoring program set to begin in the 2002-2003 academic year. The program will build upon the current faculty orientation program begun several years ago.    

Dr. Calvin Jongsma, who wrote the proposal and will coordinate the program, says, “Grants are basically start-up money. They give you an opportunity to begin a program you might not put money up for initially.” The current program helps acquaint new faculty members with Dordt's Reformed Christian heritage, helps them become more familiar with Dordt's educational philosophy and its approach to general education, attempts to deepen their understanding of how to approach education from a Reformed perspective, helps hone teaching skills, and tries to establish a sense of community.

New faculty members attend a seminar at which these topics are discussed, but they are also encouraged to team up with a mentor, chosen from one of the more experienced faculty members.

The Lilly grant money will strengthen the second component. Second and third year faculty members will be invited to attend a general education course that focuses on religious perspective. They will meet occasionally with the course instructor for further discussion, creating a setting where more focused mentoring can take place. Both mentee and mentor will be given an honorarium for their participation.

Lilly, a pharmaceutical company, has given grants to a number of colleges, including Wartburg and Mount St. Marty.