The Voice: Summer 2002

The Voice

Career planning website is now open to the public

By Andrew De Jong

This spring, something new appeared on Dordt’s website. The office of student services put up a career development website that can be used by both current and future college students. Ron Rynders, director of career development, says the site is long overdue.

“There’s a lot of information out there, and I wanted to make it available to students,” says Rynders. Now students can find all the career information on one convenient site, and at any time of the day, especially when Rynders isn’t in his office.

The site will also be useful, Rynders says, to students who are hesitant to meet with him. “Some students who haven’t declared a major aren’t highly motivated to explore untested waters,” he says. “I wanted them to find their information on a friendly site.”

Rynders hatched the idea for the site, but senior Shari Wubben did most
of the work on it. According to Rynders, “The fact that the site exists and looks like it does is proof of Shari’s skills.”

On the new site, high school students and students who live off campus can find the career planning mission statement, some common career misconceptions, and different self-assessment tests. On campus, students have even more options, including a “What Can I Do With This Major?” link.

The new site can be found at: