The Voice: Fall 2001

The Voice

Dordt senior offers art class to local children

    Every summer a number of students commit their vacation to serving people in other settings or countries. Senior Lori De Jong decided to find a way to serve at home, while she worked to pay for this year’s tuition. She offered a summer art class for Hispanic children in the area.
    “The idea came last spring when I was attending the last GIFT service (a student praise service held on campus) of the school year,” said De Jong. The speaker challenged members of the audience to look for some way to serve during the summer even if they were staying in their hometowns.
    “I was challenged to look at my passions and gifts and use them in service for God,” said De Jong. As an elementary education major with an art minor, she decided to offer an art class to five- to ten-year-old children in the Hispanic community in Sioux Center.
    De Jong advertised by hanging posters around town, talking with leaders of Amistad Christiana, a Spanish language worship meeting at Covenant Christian Reformed Church, and talking with children living in local trailer parks.
    It took half the summer to get the details in place, De Jong said, but then with the help of two Dordt friends, Bobbie Schouten and Shari Olmstead, they offered four sessions focusing on four elements of design: line, color, shape, and texture. They drew lines with a variety of objects, experimenting with mixing colors, used vegetables to make differently shaped stamps, and made rubbings and mosaics of differently textured objects.
    “The kids were so enthusiastic about every activity we did,” De Jong said. “I hope and pray that these kids will always be as enthusiastic about life as they are now and that they will use their creative gifts to honor their creator.”

    De Jong and her husband, Brent, are considering mission opportunities that will allow them to teach, or serve as work group or youth leaders.

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