The information on the page was posted during a 2011-12 search for a president of Dordt College. On April 20, 2012, the Board of Trustees named Dr. Erik Hoekstra the fourth president of Dordt College.

The first Search Committee meeting was held the third week of June. Throughout the summer, the committees worked on refining the Presidential Profile and establishing desired leadership criteria.

The Presidential Search Committee spent early fall 2011 working on candidate search and development, and candidates will be considered and reviewed between October and January.

Search team interviews with candidates will begin as early as January, and a president will be named and announced in late April, with inauguration to take place in the fall of 2012.


Search Process by Phases

Phase I

  • Review Search Process Materials
  • Plan Process
  • Name Search Team


Phase II

  • Initiate Search
  • Establish Advisory Team
  • Initial Meeting
  • refine Opportunity Profile

Phase III

  • Establish Desired Leadership Criteria


Phase IV

  • Candidate search and development


Phase V

  • Candidate pool developed
  • qualification of candidates reviewed


Phase VI

  • Search team interviews with candidates


Phase VII

  • Candidate developed
  • Contract developed


Phase VIII

  • Candidate interviewed by Board
  • President named and announced


Phase IX

  • Planning for Presidential Transition


Phase X

  • Inauguration


Key Dates

A. Executive Committee Meeting
B. Executive Committee Meeting
C. Board Meeting
D. Executive Committee Meeting
E. Executive Committee Meeting
F. Board Meeting
G.  Board Meeting / Parents' Weekend