Internship Contacts

Department Contact Person Email Address Phone
Career Development Center Sarah Moss Sarah.Moss@dordt.edu (712) 722-6078
Accounting Erica Vonk Erica.Vonk@dordt.edu (712) 722-6341
Biology Dr. Tony Jelsma Tony.Jelsma@dordt.edu (712) 722-6278
Business Administration Art Attema Art.Attema@dordt.edu (712) 722-6353
Communication Dr. Charles Veenstra Charles.Veenstra@dordt.edu (712) 722-6257
Computer Science Nick Breems Nick.Breems@dordt.edu (712) 722-6297
Digital Media Production Dr. Charles Veenstra Charles.Veenstra@dordt.edu (712) 722-6257
Education Dr. Dennis Vander Plaats
Kim Hengeveld
(712) 722-6331
(712) 722-6227
Engineering Dr. Nolan Van Gaalen Nolan.VanGaalen@dordt.edu (712) 722-6289
Environmental Studies Dr. Robert De Haan Robert.DeHaan@dordt.edu (712) 722-6220
History Dr. Paul Fessler Paul.Fessler@dordt.edu (712) 722-6254
Math Dennis De Jong Dennis.DeJong@dordt.edu (712) 722-6297
Psychology Mark Christians Mark.Christians@dordt.edu (712) 722-6363
Social Work Erin Olson Erin.Olson@dordt.edu (712) 722-6359
Theology/Youth Ministry Dr. Jason Lief Jason.Lief@dordt.edu (712) 722-6326

All prospective employers are encouraged to add their internship openings to the College Central Network (CCN) job board. If you have questions or prefer not to use this system, contact the above person with your request.