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Alumni art exhibit at Dordt College

An art show featuring the work of Dordt College alumni was on display at the Campus Center Art Gallery during the month of February. The juried art show, featuring twenty-two works by alumni, was curated by Karen Acker, a Northwestern College art professor. Acker said she chose the works based on content and good composition, including a wide diversity of styles.

Alumni artists, their class year, and the title of compositions were: Gerald Folkerts (1980) Head Over Heals Monty; G. Carol Bomer (1970) Kiev/Dawn and Global city; Eric Van Wyk (2002) Winged Omen and Haybales; Sam Gutierrez (2000) Bound, Rook and Neighbor; Chloe Hilden (2002) Landscape I; Gary Alsum (1979) Promenade; Michelle Hofer (1996) For Madeline; Sharyl Wielard (1989) Roofed and Serenity; Jennifer Trosen (2002) Reiteration and Balance; Andy Stravers (1999) War; Arla Kuipers Mattock (1982) Kitchen Prayer; Michael Contant (2002) Animals and Hope; Laurie Zinkand-Selles (1980) Quietude, Reconstruction, and Centro della Citta.