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Schuttinga's New Title

The position of Vice President for Student Services has been renamed the Associate Provost for Co-Curricular Programs.



“‘Student Services’ does not adequately fulfill what we intend to accomplish through the co-curricular programming we offer at Dordt College,” says Provost Erik Hoekstra. The college does not stop at providing beds and bathrooms as a convenient service; it has designed a co-curricular program that will prepare students for effective service in Christ’s kingdom. The title change signals Dordt’s commitment to providing an education that nurtures the development of the whole person.

“The curricular program stands right next to the co-curricular program at Dordt,” adds Hoekstra, a concept spelled out in Dordt’s Educational Task and Educational Framework documents. The cooperative efforts to assist students who could be at risk are one example of a close relationship between these offices. Bethany Schuttinga assumed the title of Associate Provost for Co-Curricular Programs this fall.