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Luke De Koster, an adjunct journalism instructor, earned six awards in the 2008 Better Newspaper Contest sponsored by the Iowa Newspaper Association. De Koster teaches news-writing and freshman English and serves as adviser for the Dordt student newspaper. He writes for the Sioux County Index- Reporter at Hull, Iowa.

Social Work Professor Abby Jansen contributed an article titled “The Beloved Community” to Do Justice: A Social Justice Road Map. ( book edited by Dordt alumni Kirsten and Rob Vander Geissen-Reitsema.

Luke De Koster

Luke De Koster

Dr. Doug Allen, professor of physics, gave a poster presentation titled “Using SORCE Data in the College Classroom” at the 2008 Solar Radiation and Climate Experiment (SORCE) Science Meeting held in Santa Fe, New Mexico, in February. His chapter in the recently released Christians, the Care of Creation, and Global Climate Change (edited by Lindy Scott and published by Wipf and Stock Publishers) is titled “Is the Sky Falling? A Brief Introduction to Climate Change Science.”

Allen received a grant to fund student research this summer in a project with his colleague Dr. Gloria Manney from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. The title of the project is “Interannual Variability in the Extratropical Stratosphere: Transport, Trend and Tropospheric Implications.”

Dordt College art faculty exhibited work at Morningside College’s Eppley Gallery in February. Jacob Van Wyk displayed free standing clay sculpture in porcelain and stoneware, wall tile, and lithograph; David Versluis contributed a series of giclée prints titled “Spirit Lake Iowa; Fish Suite”; Peter Sheesley exhibited oil paintings from three different series created in 2007. Doug Burg, photographer and adjunct faculty member, displayed recent work in photo and photo montage, and Joanne Alberda, emeritus faculty, displayed cloth works in abstract design.

Versluis’s photographic montage “Spirit Lake Iowa; Fish Suite, Number 3” was part of the Calvin College Alumni Photography Competition during February and March. The giclée print was one in a series of seven completed last summer.

Education Professor Cella Bosma led workshops for teachers at Zuni Christian School and Sanborn Christian School. She described a concept called differentiation which focuses on what is being taught, how it is being taught, and what tangible results were produced based on students’ interests, learning profiles, and readiness.

Dr. John Kok, dean for the humanities, is on leave this semester, completing a 300-page book on the systematic philosophy of the Dutch philosopher Dirk Vollenhoven (1892-1978). It provides introductions to and the translation of ten articles on topics ranging from epistemology and the reformation of philosophy to the nature, structure, and significance of faith for science.

Dr. Danny Hitchcock, professor of psychology, recently gave a guest lecture on “Psychological Disorders and Homosexuality: A Christian Critique” at Geneva College in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania.

Education Professor Tim Van Soelen gave a presentation on “Teacher Selection and Retention” to the Heartland Principals’ Association in January. The goal of the workshop was to define criteria schools can use in selecting Christian teachers as well as strategies they can use to keep teachers in the profession.

Posters based on research conducted at Dordt’s Agriculture Stewardship Center were presented at the annual meeting of Practical Farmers of Iowa on January 11 and 12. “Corn Rootworm Emergence Trials: 2006 & 2007” by senior biology student Sara Top and agriculture professors Dr. Chris Goedhart and Dr. Ron Vos summarized two summers’ data confirming the presence of a corn rootworm egg-laying variant in Sioux County. Senior agriculture major Nelson Winkel presented a poster, “Evidence for Corn Rootworm Egg-laying in Alfalfa.” The poster prepared in conjunction with Goedhart, presented the evidence that Winkel and Timothy Beahm, a 2007 agriculture graduate, collected for their senior research project in agriculture.

English Professor Leah Zuidema gave an invited lecture at Michigan State University in January: “Give ’Em Some Space: Online Parawork and Inside/Outside/Alongside Networks for Beginning Teachers.” She also gave two informal presentations. The event was sponsored by the Teachers for the New Era Literacy Team. In February Zuidema traveled to Santa Barbara, California, to participate in the 3rd International Santa Barbara Conference on Writing: Writing Research Across Borders. She presented a paper titled “Redrawing the Borders: Accounting for Technologies in Genre Theory and Research.”

Touches the Sky by Dr. James Schaap has been republished and is now available for $13.50 plus shipping from DVB Publishing, 2051 Woodlawn Ave S.E, Grand Rapids, MI 49546; phone (616) 949-2999; e-mail