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Alumni Council faces new issues

By Wes Fopma

This fall the alumni association board will be meeting on campus for the first time since I assumed the duties as Director of Alumni and Church Relations. We will be discussing a number of issues that affect our office’s work with alumni.

One issue that we will be discussing will be the time of the year that we host Alumni Weekend. Currently, Alumni Weekend is held in February. Activities during Alumni Weekend in February usually revolve around the basketball schedule and the recipient of the Distinguished Alumni Award.

In 2008-09 Dordt College will play their first varsity schedule of football. Most colleges that play varsity football include a college football game as part of the Alumni Weekend or Homecoming activities. The opportunity to move this weekend to the fall when the weather is milder gives us an opportunity to include a number of other activities into Alumni Weekend. We’ll keep you posted on these developments.

Another issue up for discussion involves regional programming of alumni activities. This past year alumni council members committed themselves to hosting at least one alumni activity during the calendar year in their area. These activities included such things as hosting Dordt College faculty presentations to alumni, hosting student musical or theater groups, and gatherings around athletic events. We are always looking for new and interesting ways to draw alumni together. If you have ideas give me a call or shoot me an e-mail or contact your local alumni board representative. You can find the list of board representatives on the alumni page of the Dordt College website.

I’d like to publicly thank Rodney Lamfers (’95). Rodney has served as president of the alumni association board for the last two years. During his two years of service as president, Judy Hagey left the director of alumni relations position that I have since filled. Rodney agreed to serve an extra year as president in that transition and has made my work infinitely easier. Thanks, Rodney.

We also need to thank those whose service to the alumni board ended in August. Retiring board members include Andrew Schuttinga and Corey Westra from Iowa, Doug Van Andel from Washington, Rose Van Engen from Minnesota, and Val Moll from California. The college and the alumni association are grateful for your work and service. You folks served tirelessly as ambassadors of the college in your regions.

New members on the alumni board this year are Merl Alons and Liz Danzeisen from Arizona, Jan Viss from California, Sherry Vos from Washington, Kim Adams from Wisconsin, and Sandra Vanden Bosch and Mark Blankespoor from Iowa. Micah Schreurs from Sheldon, Iowa, will serve as president of the alumni board. Thanks for your willingness to serve.

We are still looking for additional board members from central Minnesota, Washington, and Michigan. If you are interested or would like to nominate someone please contact me at your convenience at or 712-722-6028.