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Communication; staying in touch

By Wes Fopma


Staying in touch.

One of my responsibilities as the director of alumni relations is to find ways for the college to better stay in touch with its alumni and friends.

The alumni office tries to keep alumni informed through the monthly alumni online newsletter. We include information on upcoming events on campus as well as events that may be happening in your area. The newsletter also contains information on new faculty, awards that faculty or students may have received, milestones in the lives of alumni, and a variety of other newsworthy events.

We are currently looking at ways for our alumni council to be more engaged with constituents as well. We plan to expand the council, moving from regional representation to state and province representation, to better reflect the locations in which our alumni are living and working. One expectation of members of the council is that they be attentive to the alumni in their area and relay any feedback to the college.

Communication and staying in touch is a two-way street, however. For communication to truly happen, alumni also need to keep us informed about what is happening in their lives and keep their address, phone, and e-mail information current with the institution.

The best way for you as alumni to stay in touch is by using the free alumni online directory. Through this easy-to-use service, you can update addresses, phone numbers, and e-mail information. At the same time, you can tell the alumni office about newsworthy events that have occurred in your lives. I know that many of you don’t like to blow your own “horn,” but we and many of your classmates and friends would like to know how the Lord is working in your life. To access the alumni online directory, log on to You can pick your own password and be able to display or hide any information that you wish to keep in your personal folder.

Currently, 2885 alumni have registered online. That’s roughly twenty percent of those who have attended the college. It doesn’t take much time, so please spend a couple of minutes to register at the site listed above. If you have any questions, feel free to give me a call at 712-722-6028 or e-mail me at

Staying in touch.

It takes both of us.