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Stel joins admissions office

Karissa Stel joined the admissions office in January. Stel is from Rocky Mountain House, Alberta, and earned her B.A. in psychology at Dordt in 2005. She had been working as an office manager at New Life Family Services in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Karissa Stel

Karissa Stel

Ever since I left Dordts campus a year and a half ago Ive wanted to be able to give back to the Dordt community, because of the blessing Dordt had been to me, said Stel.

She will work with prospective Canadian students in Alberta and British Columbia, as well as with high school students on the East Coast in the United States and in a few regional schools. Im especially excited to be able to talk with fellow Canadians about why Dordt would be a good choice for them and how we can make it work for them, said Stel. I want students and parents to realize that a Dordt education is more than a piece of paper at the end of two or four years. Its not just academic growth: its spiritual, emotional, physical, and personal.