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One Week in October: Alumni Art Show

Alums Erika Hydeen and Matt Kunnari exhibited their work in the classroom gallery during the month of October. Professor Susan Van Geest says art faculty members encourage alumni to keep creating art after they graduate. Unfortunately, over ninety-five percent of alums stop creating art within five years.

“Having a purpose—and a deadline—often prompts them to create,” she says about the department’s interest in putting up alumni shows. Alumni exhibits also allow current students to see what is possible with an art degree and gives them an opportunity to talk with someone who has a similar education about creating art in a post college setting.

Hydeen and Kunnari, Van Geest says, have found creative ways to continue using their artistic gifts. Their exhibit, “Pictures Through an Open Window,” explored mission experiences through visual means. Both traveled oversees, spending time in Norway and Africa, experiencing cultures different from their own. These experiences were expressed in the works on display.