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No matter how it’s said, taking leave of the people and places that have had a significant impact in your life is never easy. It means saying goodbye to the familiar and comfortable and facing the unfamiliar and uncertain. Recently the Class of 2006 said their final goodbyes to Dordt College. They leave behind familiar faces – roommates and classmates who were strangers only a few years ago and who have now become dear friends, professors whose insights challenged or enlightened, or whose demands perhaps frustrated, and familiar routines – research papers and multi-page reading assignments, all nighters, and late-night donut runs.

For many the immediate future remains uncertain. “Where will I find a job?” “Have I really learned what I need to go out into the world?” “Will I ever find relationships like these again?” Emotions run the range from fear to excitement; regret to hope. Yes, moving on is hard.

I have a certain empathy with these recent graduates. I, too, am moving on from Dordt College. A job opportunity for my husband will find us re-locating to mid-central Florida later this summer. These days we find ourselves waffling between disbelief at making such a move at this point in our lives and eager enthusiasm to explore a new area of the country, make new friends, and bring our experience and expertise to new opportunities.

But while moving on may be difficult, sometimes it is necessary for growth. I suspect my husband and I will be stretched in ways we hadn’t anticipated. And I suspect the same will be true for the students who have graduated. I trust that Dordt College has prepared them well for this new stage in their lives. For these students Dordt College is not just a temporary stopping point – it’s actually a launching site. Dordt College has provided the foundation for understanding the complexities of our culture as well as the tools for a lifetime of service in whatever part of the kingdom we answer the call to serve. It’s my prayer that God will continue to bless and use each of us who call Dordt College our alma mater as we live out our callings in our square inch of the kingdom.

Seeking Nominations

Since 1992 Dordt College has recognized one of its alumni for evidence they give of living out of the perspective garnered at Dordt College and the contribution they are making to the kingdom. The Distinguished Alumni Award recognizes alumni who, in some fashion, give evidence of living out of a reformational worldview, and who are able to make a valuable contribution to the Dordt community.

A second award, with a focus on service, will be initiated later this year. Individuals who demonstrate exemplary service to the community and the world and maintain a positive relationship with Dordt College will be considered for the Distinguished Service Award.

Please use this form to submit a distinguished alumni nomination or this form to submit a distinguished service nomination.

Seeking Alumni Council Members

Are you interested in staying connected to Dordt College in a special way? The Alumni Council serves as a link between the college and its alumni. Its role is to foster and nurture the tradition of community that binds alumni to the college and one another; to facilitate communication among alumni and with the college; and to spur the community of alumni and friends to support and promote the welfare of Dordt College. If that’s a role you’re interested in filling, please contact the alumni office.

We currently have openings on the council for alumni from the following locations:

Alumni Association Regional Scholarship Recipients

Through the generous contributions of many alumni to scholarship funds the Alumni Council was able to launch the Alumni Association Regional Scholarship program this year. Eight scholarships are awarded – one in each of the eight geographic regions of the alumni association – to new (freshman) students who wish to pursue their college education at Dordt. An important part of the application and review process is a reference from an alumnus/a. Recipients in this inaugural year represent a cross section of the Class of 2010:

Abigail Dykstra, Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Kendra Groen, Renville, Minnesota

Emily Greenfield, Kamrar, Iowa

Nathaniel Cordel, Cawker City, Kansas

Rebecca Love, Tacoma, Washington

Rachel Vos, Escondido, California

Dana Haak, Zeeland, Michigan

Justin Carruthers, Belleville, Ontario