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Mrs. Haan delivers 2005 commencement address

Mrs. Deborah Haan, the wife of Rev. B.J. Haan and wearing his robe and hood, began her engaging commencement address by saying she felt somewhat like his substitute. It was a role both she and her husband filled many times—substituting for someone who was ill or for whom other pressing things arose. She told of the time Rev. Haan was to officiate at a marriage and serve as master of ceremonies. She substituted for him as mistress of ceremonies so he could attend a meeting that would turn out to be crucial in the founding of Midwest Junior College—the original Dordt College.

As one of a relatively small number of people who have been closely connected to Dordt College from its inception, Mrs. Haan retold the story of Dordt’s early years, focusing on the commitment and dedication of people who made Dordt College a reality.

Using the title “The Past: A Challenge for the Future,” Mrs. Haan concluded her address by speaking directly to the graduates: “Young people, I challenge you as you go on with your life to be those sons and daughters Peter talks about, who prophesy—not so much foretelling as forth telling in every way what it means to have graduated from Dordt College. Tell others what it means to be a covenant child of God. Tell others that Jesus Christ is Lord of your whole being. See visions in your chosen careers as you work in God’s kingdom—his world, every square inch of it. As you grow older don’t forget to dream dreams. And as you do this may God bless you abundantly.”