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A moment of reflection in this Jubilee year

Dr. Carl E. Zylstra sent this email to the campus community on March 1, 2005:

Please take a moment to give thanks today that fifty years ago on this date (March 1, 1955) the articles of incorporation were filed with the state of Iowa for a new junior college to be located in Sioux Center, Iowa.

Some time ago I asked the widow of the first employee of Dordt College whether, in her wildest dreams, she would ever have thought that the Midwest Christian Junior College would develop into what it has become today. Her response, as tears filled her eyes, “Never, Never.”

Perhaps each of us could also use this day to reflect on where we (or our parents!) were on March 1 of 1955—and rejoice in the ways in which God also has amazed us through his providence and care by bringing us together in the common service we now share as part of Dordt College today.

On this fiftieth anniversary day of our formal beginning as a college, let us give thanks for those who acted on the vision God gave them to establish this college. But let us rejoice as well that, as always, God’s plans are even larger than our hopes and dreams.