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Wycliffe reps present gift to Dordt College

Wycliffe North Central Mobilization Director, Chuck Micheals, recently presented a gift to Dordt College in honor of both the college’s 50th anniversary and the introduction of a new linguistics minor now being offered at Dordt College.

The framed print by Hyatt Moore, “Feeding the Three Thousand,” was presented to Dr. Leendert van Beek, chair of Dordt College’s foreign language department, during Hug-A-Linguist Days.

There are currently close to 3000 of the world’s languages still without written form or Scriptures. Micheals says the art is a reminder of the challenge of our times, and both the practical and spiritual aspects of the solution. It depicts Jesus the miracle worker. The “bread” in the baskets represents Scripture, the basket carriers represent missionaries, and in the crowd are pockets of new readers (different ethnic groups).

Micheals says that in order to translate the Bible accurately into new languages, linguists must have both language skills and theology education. “You can’t be a Bible translator unless you have that kind of training, and there are only four colleges in the U.S. that offer that combination.” Michaels is excited that Dordt College’s new linguistics minor would result in more trained individuals who can partner with Wycliffe in their goal of making the Bible available to every language group.