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New year bring new records

The new academic year has begun for Dordt College and the class of 2003 already has something to smile about. The group of 344 students boasts an average ACT score of 24.4, a jump of .4 in a single year. This score is the highest average ACT score for any previous Dordt College incoming class.

Dordt College's academic year began on August 28 with a total enrollment for the summer and fall classes of 1,352 students. As anticipated, total fall enrollment is slightly lower than recent record enrollments. Freshman retention rates remain high at 82.5 percent.

"Dordt College continues to focus on the quality and variety of its programs, and that focus has helped us attract students with the kind of ACT averages we have seen this year," says Dr. Carl E. Zylstra, president of Dordt College.