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‘Was Chicken Little Right?’ topic of biotechnology talk

March 10, 2004

What makes something risky? For example, why do people generally feel safer driving cars than flying in airplanes, when statistics show airplanes are far safer?

Dr. Wes Jamison, Professor of Agriculture at Dordt College, will address perceptions of and reactions toward risk using biotechnology as a case study in a talk being presented Monday, March 29, 4 p.m. in the Dordt College Science and Technology Center, Lecture Hall SB108. Jamison's lecture is titled, "Was Chicken Little Right? The Social Construction and Political Amplification of Biotechnological Risk."

Jamison says different people and cultures see and evaluate risk differently, and those ways of reacting to real and perceived risks can help us predict how people will respond to perceptions of danger in their food, homes, and work. Likewise, once those reactions are identified, groups can manipulate public responses to perceived risks, either amplifying or minimizing the public's reaction to risks.

This Dordt College event is free and open to the public.

Watch a live webcast of this presentation here.

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