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Dordt College hosts Great Plains Math League competition

March 9, 2004

A high school math competition was held at the Dordt College Science and Technology Center on Saturday, March 6. Schools participating in the competition were Bishop Garrigan, Kuemper Catholic, Sioux Center, Sioux City East and Unity Christian High School.

Unity Christianís team claimed first place in the math competition, with a total of 251-1/3 points. In second place was Bishop Garrigan with 207 points, and third was Sioux Center with 184-1/3 points.

The math competition consisted of two individual events and two team events.

The Target round, an individual event, consisted of eight questions, each worth 10 points. Questions were given out in pairs and each student had 10 minutes to complete each pair.

Winners of the Target round are as follow: Freshmen: first place, Maria Kohlhaas (Bishop Garrigan); second place, Tony Rouse (Bishop Garrigan); third place Jon Small (Sioux City East High). Sophomores: first place, Rahm Spenser (Bishop Garrigan); second place, Jeremy Nederhoff (Unity Christian); tied for third place, Amy Renes (Sioux Center) and Jeff Lappe (Bishop Garrigan). Juniors: first place, Brandon Steggerda (Unity Christian); second place, James Slegers (Unity Christian); third place, Melissa Kroll (Unity Christian. Seniors: John Kohlhaas (Bishop Garrigan); second place, Derek Dalle (Sioux Center); third place, Andy Koster (Kuemper Catholic).

Unity Math Team

The Sprint round, also an individual event, consisted of 30 multiple-choice questions and a one-hour time limit. Winners of the Sprint are as follow: Freshmen: first place, Tony Rouse (Bishop Garrigan); second place, Doug Kitch, (Kuemper Catholic); third place, Maria Kohlhaas, (Bishop Garrigan); Sophomores: first place, Jeff Lappe, (Bishop Garrigan); second place, Amy Renes (Sioux Center); third place, a three-way tie between Gavin Freking (Bishop Garrigan), Spenser Rahm (Bishop Garrigan), and Michael Olthoff (Unity Christian); Juniors: first place, James Slegers (Unity Christian); second place, Brandon Steggerda (Unity Christian); third place, Joseph Slegers (Unity Christian). Seniors: first place, Derek Dalle (Sioux Center); second place, John Kohlhaas (Bishop Garrigan); third place, Andy Koster (Kuemper Catholic).

The Team Round, a group event, was a 10-question test with a 20 minutes time limit. Winners of the Team Round were the Unity Christian team Brandon Steggerda, James Slegers and Tony Engeltjes. The Unity Christian team of Eric Vermeer, Jeremy Nederhoff and Michael Olthoff claimed second place, while third place was a three-way tie made up of two Bishop Garrigan teams (Eric Cassmann, John Kohlhaas, Stence Scott, Gavin Freking, Jeff Lappe and Spenser Rahm) and the Unity Christian team of Andy Olthoff, Joseph Slegers and Joshua Van Dam.

The last event, the Relay Round, was also a group event. The students worked in groups of three, with each completing one part of a three-part question. The second part of the question was based on the answer to Part 1, and the third part was based on the answer to Part 2. The third and final person was the only person to turn in an answer. Winners of the relay were Eric Vermeer, Jeremy Nederhoff and Michael Olthoff of Unity Christian. Placing second were Bishop Garriganís Gavin Freking, Jeff Lappe and Rahm Spenser. Placing third in the relay event were David Lammers, Derek Dalle and Heidi VanSkike from Sioux Center.

Each school year there are six Great Plains Math League competitions held in the midwest, followed by a state meet.

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