Dordt College News

Dordt College Spring Retention Rates High

January 27, 2004

For the fourth year in a row, Dordt College officials report the fall-to-spring retention rate has improved.

While colleges normally expect their highest enrollment in the fall semester, with some student attrition in the spring, Dordt College’s fall-to-spring effective retention rate this year is 95.7 percent. This is an improvement over last year’s 94.6 percent retention; the previous year’s 94.2 percent retention, and the ’00-’01 retention rate of 92.8 percent.

“The high retention rates are a good indication of the high degree of satisfaction students have with the education they are receiving at Dordt College,” says Registrar Jim Bos. “Students who come to Dordt like their experience here.”

Preliminary figures indicate an enrollment of 1,287 students this fall, with 1,232 students this spring. Of the students who did not return for the spring semester, 28 percent were December graduates.

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