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Schaap in Best Christian Writing, other publications

November 26, 2003

James Calvin Schaap, author and professor at Dordt College, is among the authors selected for inclusion in the book The Best Christian Writing 2004.

This year’s volume includes contributions from 21 distinguished Christian authors and was edited by John Wilson, editor at Christianity Today and editor-in-chief of its Christian review of literature, Books & Culture. James Calvin Schaap

In prefacing this third annual release, Wilson says, “You’ll find profiles of a Nobel Prize-winning physicist who loves to sing hymns at his multiracial Methodist church, a Lutheran historian who has more energy than most people half his age, and a Jewish computer scientist-almost killed by the Unabomber-who has much to teach Christians. You’ll visit the home of John Wesley-the founder of Methodism-and test his personal electric-shock machine. You’ll relive the massacre at Wounded Knee and follow the evolution of Habitat for Humanity. You’ll hear a sermon--on a text from the Book of Daniel--and read an interview with filmmaker Wim Wenders”

Publishers Weekly says of the collection, “Rich in whimsy, overflowing with gentle wonder, and laced with both irony and anguish, these pieces by and large live up to their rather audacious billing, as the best of the best.”

Schaap’s contribution to the book is the essay, “Dancing with Ghosts: A White Man at Wounded Knee.” Dr. Schaap also released his own historically based novel recently, based on the Wounded Knee massacre. Touches the Sky, was published by Baker Books and is available from their website or at the Dordt College Bookstore.

Also released for publication recently was Epiphanies, Stories for the Christian Year. This compilation brings together stories by members of the Chrysostom Society, a society of Christian professional writers of which Dr. Schaap is currently president. Included in the book are best-selling authors Philip Yancey, Eugene Peterson and Madeleine L’Engle, edited by Peterson and Emilie Griffin. In her introduction to the book, Griffin says that Schaap “expands our vision by showing us a Christianity rooted in today’s American Midwest. He does what I think writers of faith most want to do: stand in the ancient paths and speak to us in our own idiom, in ways that make sense to us.”

A new devotional volume, The Eternal Present also features Dr. Schaap’s work. Thirty devotionals by Schaap were included in the readings for each day of the year. The devotionals were part of a 1997 collection of devotional pieces, Near to God, adapted by Schaap from the devotional classic To Be Near Unto God, published in 1918 by Abraham Kuiper. Other authors featured in this devotional are Richard Foster, Emilie and William Griffin, Madeleine L’Engle, John Leax, Andrea Wells Miller, Keith Miller, Shirley Nelson, Virginia Stem Owens, Eugene Peterson, Luci Shaw, Robert Siegel, Jeanne Murray Walker and Philip Yancey.

Dr. Schaap has also received word that a book he edited and contributed to, More than Words, has now been translated into several different languages.

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