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Celebrating each other

June 24, 2014

As Reformed Christians, we think we understand the world a bit differently. We see meaning and purpose in all things. This vision should influence our work, thought processes, dreams, and structures. To tell a different story, we need to think and dream differently.

We believe all people are created in the image of God and thrive by living and working together in community. This biblical principle has huge workplace implications. It means we strive to provide opportunities for good internal communication, uncover strengths of existing employees and provide space to develop them, and that we value input and perspective regardless of position.

Dordt College can be a leader in this area, offering the Reformed perspective that all things can be done for the glory of God. We try to embed this vision in our curriculum and across campus.

One way we do this is when the Board of Trustees invites faculty and staff to celebrate the work that has been done here. This year, we honored the six retirees profiled earlier in this issue.

They dared to dream differently and give their voice to the mission of the institution. Over their combined 170 years of service, thousands of students have walked the halls of Dordt College. And with each of those graduates, a piece of the retirees’ legacy lives on.

This spring we also celebrated the contributions of retiring Alumni Council members. Their efforts have increased enrollment, improved alumni relations, and enhanced our career development efforts. Retiring members include:

Sandy Roth—Escondido, California
Jeff Moore—Redmond, Washington
Melissa Prins—Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Gale Tien—Orange City, Iowa
Ryan Dooyema—Brookfield, Wisconsin

We celebrate their vision for and service to the college, and we give thanks for their influence on the next generation of leaders, including students like Narayan, Elizabeth, and Rachel, this year’s alumni scholarship recipients.

Together with the 18,000+ alumni that make Defender Nation strong, we give thanks for their dedication!

Brandon Huisman ('10), Director of Alumni and External Relations

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