Dordt College News

Love is in the air

June 24, 2014

It’s impossible to know exactly how many Dordt marriages began on choir tour, but there have been many over the decades. Following is a small sampling.

Chad Feenstra and Cathy Branderhorst met on choir tour in the spring of 1992 and started dating shortly after that. “Who knew that a quiet, but lengthy supper conversation in some small church in Wisconsin would lead to almost 20 years of marriage and four children. We have many great memories of choir tour–from the fellow students we got to know better by spending days on end on a charter bus together to the wonderful host families we met along the way.”

Kyla Jameson and Ross De Wit were engaged on the 2008 choir tour to the East Coast. Approaching Times Square during their free day in New York City, Kyla says she kept bugging Ross to take a picture with her. He kept saying no and walking on. Finally, standing between lanes of traffic on the concrete median, he wanted to take a picture. After a code word to his cousin, Matt, he popped the question.

“We have a really special place in our hearts for our Concert Choir experience. Music has always been a common interest of ours, and we thoroughly enjoyed being in Concert Choir at Dordt. Every day, we miss it!” says Kyla.

Sierra Tiegs met Josh Pearson on the 2010 spring choir tour to the Northwest. “On one of the drives, we sat next to each other and started talking about our lives. The next morning as we were loading the bus, I made sure to get on before Josh and saved him a seat. He was one of the last to get on the bus and the seat I had saved was one of the only ones left. I was feeling pretty good about my sneaky plan, as we had at least a couple of hours to talk. We were married just a few months after graduation and live in beautiful Colorado Springs, where I am happily called by my music students, Mrs. Pearson!”

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