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Vanden Bosch has the numbers

June 23, 2014

Tom Vanden Bosch is one of those people who got up almost every morning of his career feeling blessed to go to work. Vanden Bosch came to Dordt to coach volleyball in 1997; and filled out the rest of his time in the admissions office. He had been a successful high school volleyball coach and guidance counselor. Under his direction, Dordt volleyball teams compiled a record of 456-122.

Ending his coaching career was fairly emotional, he admits.

“It was so much of who I was for so long,” he says. But he found ways to stay involved with volleyball by volunteering at a local school and, recently, by helping the new Dordt men’s volleyball club.

Vanden Bosch loved coaching. “I grew as a person as I became involved in the lives of young people who often demonstrated a vibrant faith,” he says.

“You become involved in students’ lives because you spend so much time together on the court and on the bus,” he says. On long bus rides, as team members talked, he dissoved into the background, consciously maintaining the distance needed to both make difficult team decisions and maintain healthy relationships with female athletes. Yet, he was mentor to many of those women over the years.

When Vanden Bosch retired as volleyball coach three years ago, he focused on his responsibilities in admissions. Despite the adjustment, he found he was ready to give up the demands of coaching, and his admissions work with growing numbers of transfer students was rewarding.

“They each have a story,” he says about transfer students. Vanden Bosch helps them see whether Dordt is a good fit for them, putting his guidance counselor experience to work.

“I’m naturally more of a listener than a presenter,” he says, but he enjoyed talking with prospective students and connecting them with faculty and staff.

“There’s something special here about how people work together to make a transfer student feel welcome and get the information they need,” he says. He’ll miss being part of such good teams, both on the court and in the office.

Sally Jongsma

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