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Dordt College, Gereformeerde Hogeschool, renew agreement

April 28, 2003

Dordt students will continue to be offered a semester abroad in Zwolle, the Netherlands, with the signing of a new five-year contract between Dordt College and the Gereformeerde Hogeschool, a Reformed University of Professional Education there.

Dutch officials were on the Dordt College campus April 28 to arrange the extension of the cooperative program named N-SPICE, Netherlandic Study Program in Contemporary Europe. The program allows 20-30 students each year to travel to the Netherlands, where they live with Dutch families, attend college classes and have the opportunity to go on European excursions. Agreement Renewed

“This is a celebration of the good relationship that we’ve had for the past three years,” said Ken Bussema, director of the N-SPICE program. “The student response has always been positive … there's already a list of several students eager to participate in N-SPICE 2004,” he added. Bussema travels to Zwolle a couple times each year to oversee N-SPICE, for which Dordt College carries the overall and final educational responsibility.

The role of the Gereformeerde Hogeschool is oversight of day-to-day affairs and assuring the quality expected of the courses, which include Dutch art, architecture, culture, society and history.

Some of the primary objectives of the N-SPICE program are to help students develop an awareness of the variety of peoples and cultural traditions in Europe; to understand the contemporary political, economic, religious and social structures of the region; and to develop skill and sensitivity in cross-cultural communication.

N-SPICE was organized in April, 2000, and is also offered to students at other institutions that are members of the Coalition of Christian College and Universities

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