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Designers join AIGA club

May 9, 2009

For members of the Students Without Borders club performed a traditional Indian dance at the annual Culture Fair. June Kim from Korea was taught the dance by her friend Sonam Tsering from India.

Art Professor David Versluis has been thinking about starting a student AIGA group for some time.

This was the year it happened. AIGA is the professional association for designers and has active professional chapters in Iowa, Nebraska, and Minnesota.

“I felt that we needed to discuss issues that we can’t seem to get to because we’re so busy with the technical work of learning how to be designers,” Versluis says. He also wanted to find ways to connect his students with alumni practicing in the field.

Although the group is student-run, Versluis as advisor is putting considerable effort into helping the group get established. The first step has been to set up a blog ( to which not only he and his students, but also alumni designers and anyone else interested in design are invited to contribute.

“I wanted to find a way for design students to network during the summer,” Versluis says. He sees the blog as a way to share articles or ideas of their own or by others in the field. It can also be a way to challenge, encourage, and support one another as Christian designers, he believes. So far posts have included links to articles like Adrian Shaughnessy’s “Ten Graphic Design Paradoxes” and a “What font are you?” quiz. Versluis has also posted sections from a paper he has written on the relation between fine art and design. And he expects the blog to include recommendations for hardware and software in the future.

Although Versluis continues to do a bit of designing on the side, he says he has been out of commercial design for several years and hopes, along with his students, to learn from alumni practicing in the field. And he’s always looking for ways to get students talking with designers. Next year he hopes the group will get involved with area chapters from Iowa and neighboring states, who regularly offer portfolio critiques and other informational events.


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