Dordt College News

Professor invited to Notre Dame

April 21, 2003

Chris Rehn, Assistant Professor of Business Administration at Dordt College, has been selected to receive a National Endowment Award and invited to study comparative constitutional law this coming summer at Notre Dame. Chris Rehn

The six-week seminar, “American Constitutionalism in Comparative Perspective,” will be led by Donald Kommers, Notre Dame Professor of Law and Professor of Political Science. Participants will examine several problem areas in American constitutional law, comparing them with similar problems and developments in Germany, Canada and other selected governments.

Over a six-week period, the 15 selected participants will delve into life and death issues (abortion and the death penalty), freedom of speech, religious liberty, equal protection and social-economic rights. The primary objective of the session is to explore the advantages and limits of collaborative constitutional analysis, while considering the possibility or propriety of looking upon foreign constitutional thought as a valid source of constitutional interpretation in the United States.

"I am delighted to have been selected," said Rehn. "I was drawn to this seminar for several reasons. The topics [abortion, religious liberty, etc.] are obviously very relevant for the kinds of discussions we have at Dordt. Along those lines, our seminar leader is committed to looking at the background conceptions - we would say the ‘world views’ - behind the commitments and structures, something we try to do in all our classes and disciplines here at Dordt. And even though the field is constitutional law, the National Endowment draws participants from a wide variety of disciplines, as well as from various types of colleges and universities. It should be challenging and rewarding to participate in a group with people from these various backgrounds."

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