Dordt College News

Editor's notes

August 20, 2011

New look, same mission

The Dordt College Voice has a new look and format, and we hope you like it.

We haven’t changed its substance—we’re still here to tell you, our faithful supporters, about the exciting things that happen at Dordt College every day, every semester, every year.

And exciting is the right word. Although I’ve been at this job for 28 years, preparing each issue brings moments of surprise and insight as we, too, find out what and how students are learning about this amazing place we call God’s good creation. We often feel  thankful and blessed after talking to students and alumni and learning how they are growing as Christ’s children. We think you’ll share that sentiment after reading the articles on students’ summer learning experiences and the alumni profiles. You’ll also learn more about the work of our faculty, who continue to push themselves and our students to understand the difference that being a Christian makes in how they understand and work within their discipline.

So, grab a cup of tea and sit down to read about how God is using Dordt College to prepare young people for their callings after college. We hope our new format makes that invitation even more attractive.


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