Dordt College News

Editor's notes

January 23, 2012

We talk a great deal at Dordt College about service and serving. That’s because we believe serving is what the Christian life is about—serving God and our neighbors with our gifts and resources.

One such resource is our education.

Service isn’t only something we take time out of our regular work to do—although as you’ll see in this issue, projects like PLIA and AMOR are an important and effective way to learn and serve. It isn’t the Christian icing on neutral acquisition of knowledge. It’s using what we’ve been given—interpersonal skills, professional expertise, administrative abilities, empathetic encouraging, skilled workmanship in honor of our Lord.

We’re thankful and proud to see such service lived out in the lives of our students and alumni. As we explore what to write about in each issue of the Voice, we’re often amazed to realize how often this sense of service is demonstrated in what Dordt people are doing. In this issue you’ll see evidence of such service: students volunteering the gifts they’ve been given and alumni choosing to serve in their vocations.

We hope you enjoy reading about what we’ve learned as much as we’ve enjoyed writing about them.


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