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Purple Martin Writing Contest winners announced

April 10, 2003

Winners of the annual Purple Martin Writing contest sponsored by the college's English department were announced Monday night, April 7, at The Humble Bean.

The Purple Martin writing competition is held annually and is open to any Dordt student. Judges select winners from upperclassmen in the categories of fiction, poetry, personal writing, analysis, persuasion/argument, and exposition. Freshman works in the categories personal essay, argumentative/persuasive, academic/exposition, and analysis are also judged.

This year there were 124 entries submitted by 49 students.

Cash prizes of $100 were given for first place, with second place winners claiming $50. Winners and the titles of their pieces are listed below.


1st place: Sara Gerritsma, “Worldviews: From One Extreme to the Other in The Poisonwood Bible”

Honorable mention: Leah Van Wyhe, “Oedipus the King: Divine Direction and Human Choice”


1st place: Jessica Schelling, “Tiger Paw”


1st place: Ann Andree, “Idolizing the Media”

Personal Writing

1st place: Chris Van Huis, “A Son’s Choice”

Honorable Mention: Dena Nicolai, “Yesterday and Tomorrow”


1st place: Andrew De Young, “The Black Curtain: Gail Godwin on Priesthood”

2nd place (tie): Nicholas Davelaar, “A Kiss Greater Than All Others” and Sarah M. Van Egdom, “E.E. Cummings’ ‘she being Brand’ and Sharon Olds’ ‘Sex Without Love’: Sexuality in 20th Century Poetry”


1st place: Stephen Kloosterman, “What do men really know about women? Henry James Puzzles over an American girl in Daisy Miller”

2nd place: Matt Bakker, “Reflections of Creation Stewardship”


No 1st place awarded

Honorable Mention: David Van Ee, “SI-International Systems-vs. English”


No 1st place awarded

2nd place: Krista Krygsman, “Presence”

Honorable Mention: Bethany Meservey, “Friendship”

Personal Writing

1st place: Sharla Derksen, “Good Ol’ Gramps”

2nd place: Andrew De Young, “Ghosts”

Honorable Mention: Jeremy Hummel, “I Went Out Walking . . .”


1st place: Valerie Westra, “A Collection of Poems: These Present Sufferings”

2nd place: Kristi Mulder, “On Winter Nights, Crocheting Lessons, For Elizabeth, To Kill a Plant”

Honorable Mention: Sharla Derksen, “Dust and others”; Sara M. Van Egdom, “Breakfast and others”; Denise Ver Beek, “Myrtle and others”; and Ethan Koerner, “The One That Almost Got Away and others”

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