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Dr. Csato to attend Peace and Justice seminar

April 12, 2003

Dr. Istvan Csato, assistant professor of Physical Science and Physics at Dordt College, has been invited to participate in a Lilly Fellows Program Summer Seminar at Lyola Marymount University, Los Angeles, Calif.

“Peace and Justice in the Bible and the Quran” will be the topic of the seminar to be conducted July 7-31. The central goal of the seminar will be a study of peace and justice themes as presented in the Bible and Quran. Prof. Smith-Christopher, a Quaker scholar of the Old Testament, and Prof. Mustansir Mir, a Muslim scholar of the Quran, will lead the seminar.

Dr. Csato has long been interested in the geography and geology of the Middle East and hopes to contribute to an understanding of how peace and justice are related to disputes over water and oil resources. Dr. Csato did extensive oil exploration and was a project leader in Yemen between 1996-1999. He earned his B.A. with a Master of Geological Engineering from the University of Miskolc in Hungary, then earned a Ph.D. in Geology at the University of South Carolina. His dissertation was a geological investigation of the Dead Sea of Israel.

“The questions of peace and justice are the future of the Middle East and this future is deeply interconnected with water, natural resources and environment of the region,” commented Dr. Csato.

He plans to develop a new course at Dordt College addressing the geography of the Middle East in which traditions, religion, social and physical geographic topics would be studied.

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