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Hug-a-Linguist Days at Dordt bring Bible translators to campus

November 5, 2012

“There are still about 2,500 languages that have no script,” said Leendert van Beek, Dordt College professor of language studies. Herein lies the work of a linguist, where studying the structure of language, its meaning, and the cultural context are all necessary in creating a written language.

Dordt College is holding the 39th annual Hug-a-Linguist Days November 5 to 7, where guest speakers will share about their mission work in translating the Bible into the native language of their respective mission fields. There will be a Wycliffe Bible Translators display in the Campus Center on Tuesday, November 6, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Wednesday, November 7, from 8 a.m. to noon. The community is invited to attend the event’s lectures featuring Mélanie Leclerc, Adrianna Oudman, and Shedd and Kris Waskosky. The full schedule is available below.

Leclerc became a member of the Wycliffe organization in 2011. She will be working in Madang, Papau New Guinea, as a literacy intern for two years participating in a regional project to develop a literacy program that will serve the Madang province community.

Oudman graduated from Dordt College in 2011 with majors in Spanish and theology: missions and evangelism. She has gone on a GET Global trip with Wycliffe that allowed her to learn about missions, Bible translation, and monolingual language learning.

The Waskoskys have served among the Salasaca Quichua people in the central Andes of Ecuador since 1987. Their primary ministry is in Bible translation, literacy, and Scripture use for this group of about 15,000 people. They also teach linguistic courses at the University of North Dakota. Their work has taken them to the U.S., India, Venezuela, and Colombia.

Hug-a-Linguists schedule
Monday, November 5. In the Ribbens Academic Complex room 1148.

Tuesday, November 6. Presentations held in the Ribbens Academic Complex room 2246.

Wednesday, November 7. Presentations held in the Ribbens Academic Complex room 2246.


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