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B.J. Haan Conference April 9-11

April 1, 2003

“In our school, it’s just not cool to be too Christian.”

How do teachers and parents respond when they hear this comment? Is this attitude a normal part of growing up?

These questions and more will be addressed at a public discussion on Thursday evening, April 10, 7-9 p.m. at Dordt College.

This discussion is being held in conjunction with the B. J. Haan Education Conference and will be held in the classroom building, Room C160. Dr. Gloria Goris Stronks, of Calvin College, will also present specific steps schools have taken to design curriculum for student spiritual development and build partnerships with Christian students in another part of the world.

Christian educators representing approximately 30 schools throughout the U.S. are participating in the three-day conference, with the theme “Word and Spirit in the Christian School.” School teams attending will design action steps to fit the needs of their school.

Questions that will be the focus of the conference include: How do current spirituality practices (chapel, devotions, Bible classes) affect the lives of the students? Do they do what we intend them to do? Do they build a Spirit-filled community or merely continue traditions? Do they contribute or detract from the Christian character of the school? To what extent could traditional spirituality exercises prevent us from addressing the spirits of secularism and materialism?

The conference coordinator is Dr. John Van Dyk, director of the Center for Educational Services at Dordt College. There are no registration fees to attend. However, preregistration is necessary for all but the open public forum on Thursday evening.

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