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Ideafest is celebration of academic accomplishments

April 19, 2012

The best research and careful study done within the walls of academia ought to spill out into the broader community. Ideafest at Dordt College provides that opportunity.

More than 70 presentations will be given during Dordt’s annual Ideafest to be held on Thursday, April 26, from 3 to 5:30 p.m. Presentations are 15 minutes each, which includes time for questions. Those attending are free to wander from one presentation to another, as there are usually five going on at the same time throughout the Campus Center.

“I’m really glad we have Ideafest. It’s the closest thing we have to a public sporting competition for academics,” said Mark Volkers, professor of digital media production. Several of his students will present documentary films they created for their upper level Documentary Filmmaking class.  “In an academic community like Dordt College, where students and faculty are constantly wrestling with ideas and dreaming up dreams both big and small, it’s so important to have a venue where those ideas can be shared.”

A Dordt College education is about learning and growing within a Christian community. And for English professor Dr. Mary Dengler “events like Ideafest are the reason for a college education: discovering, developing, and discussing ideas as agents of growth and change in God’s world. Students come prepared to celebrate their scholarship in various forms of media with peers and faculty.”

Senior engineering student Nathanael Couperus (Grimsby, Ontario) and junior digital media student Jayson Korthuis (Lynden, Washington) will be presenting their video discussing water solutions in disaster situations. Couperus is excited to share his work with the community saying, “Presenting at Ideafest allows students to gain confidence in their presentation skills and to receive constructive criticism of their work, and it allows others to offer suggestions that they may not have thought of originally. Also, we know that employers are looking for confident and well-spoken individuals to represent them to their clients; Ideafest is a safe way for us to practice presenting our own work.”

Topics range from political studies to psychology and from English to engineering. The community is invited to share in the celebration of a year’s worth of learning and research.


Michelle Alkema and Kayla Graves: Lessons in Luggage – Unpacking an off-campus experience
Devin Bell, Nico Vankeulen, and Jason Hengeveld: Agriculture Opportunities for Mozambique
Leanna Bentz: Jewish Beliefs and Literature
Kerrie Best: Sociology and the family
Brandi Buchanan: Starved
Corinne Campbell and Amanda Mahaffy: The Effects of Various Patient Education Methods for Evidence-Based Practice
Grace Choi: Ag Education
Anderson Clare: The Rhetoric of William Wilberforce
Concrete Canoe Team (Benjamin Hofland): Concrete Canoe Project
Rachel Daw and Erin Davelaar: Colostrum Management in Newborn Dairy Calves
Ellen De Young: A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Prom
Matt DeJong: How Mathematics Affects Music
Hannah DeVries: Analysis of John Donne’s First Holy Sonnet
Caroline Eckstrom: International Students: Do Professors Grade Their Writing Differently?
Krut Franje: Monocultural Dilemma
Kurt Frisch: Just War Theory and the Bush Doctrine
Chris Geels: Modern Aspects of Ancient Theatre
Chris Geels and Joseph Jasper: Improving Food Services at Dordt College
Danae Geels: Training to Look for Divine Design
Justin Gloudemans: Fostered
Rachel Groneck, Katie Sparks, Carla Vander Woude: Influenza Vaccination: Is It Worth It for College Students?
Hannah Orlow: MS-DOS: The Open Standard that Stimulated Creativity
Merissa Harkema: Memory and Human Identity: A Christian Approach to Alzheimer’s
Marty Haverly: Biochar Research
Kristina Heflin: Animal Rights, Human Wrongs
Austin Herrema: TLUD Stoves: Fabrication Techniques and Efficiency Exploration
Adrian Hielema: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Samaritan: Who gets to intervene in humanitarian intervention?  
Herman Hofman: Violence in the Bible and the Quran: A Comparative Review
Kyle Hoogendoorn: “A Woman’s Touch”
Bradley Hoogheim: “The Journey Home”
Hank Houtman: Emergency Management
Kristin Janssen: Contrasts in the Gospel Story (as illuminated by John Donne in “Spit in my face”)
Janssen, Kristin Untitled (Fiction Writing)
Lorelle Klos: ADHD Student Research Project
Ethan Kooyenga: Racial discrimination at Dordt College
Jayson Korthuis and Micah Kreykes: Sioux Falls: The Sanctuary City
Jayson Korthuis and Nathaniel Couperus: Water Strategies in Disaster Situations and Solutions for a Sustainable Future 
Dorind Krause: Game Analysis and Its Educational Implications
Peter Kuiper: Tired Ears: The Impact of Recorded Music                    
Samuel Lee: Thinking about the “death of God” in Easter time
Lindsay Lenderink, Brielle Kok, April Spronk: Preconceptual Education
Kati Marsh: Classroom Seating Arrangements and Their Effects on Behavior and Classroom Community
Will McClain: Examination of ACE I/D Polymorphism in Dordt College Athletes
Cady Millage and Jake Buss: Pizza Ranch Documentary
Tim Morgan and Meghan Aardsma: Star-Crossed Borders
Elaine Niesen, Jen Siegersma, Kaitlyn Hekstra: Hands Stay, Mouth Away: Cardiac Resuscitation
Nate Palermo and Kendra Reitsma: The Bottom Line: A Look Inside The Music Industry
Hannah Ponstein: The Paradox of a Theology of Suffering
Jonathan Posthuma: Hamlet: Musical Suite
Jonathan Posthuma: "Deepening the Colors:" Coloring outside the Box
Lael Radde: Reflections on Designing a Poetry Unit
Danielle Richards: The Calvinist Critic
Elizabeth Riley: The True Story of the Greatest “Once Upon a Time”
Tony Rossi: Source Credibility
Kelsey Sederstrom: For We Fight Not Against Flesh and Blood
Eric Spoelstra: Not what was Expected: Interfaith Relations in the 12th Century Levant
Steve Spurgeon: The Doctrine of Predestination: Finding the Biblical Truth
John Stam: How God Desires to Be Worshipped: The Regulative Principle of Worship and a Major Ramification
Tom Stepanek: Student Motivation
Jason Sturhenberg: Infection
Jason Sturhenberg and Brock Bailey: Pass It On
Daniel Sutter and Tim Lewis: Portable Stereo Amplifier
Vanessa Theel: Am I Supposed to Claim Christ, or Christianity?
Ryan Tholen: Emissions Regulations and Their Impact: Are We Really Building a Better Diesel Engine for Agriculture?
Kameron Toews and Zac Edens: n/a
Kaitlin Troost: Not Only What but Why: The Relevance of Math in Life
Alex Updike and Jason De Boer: Victim’s Perceptions of Theft
Bryce Van Deraa: Does Love Truly Win?
Nick Van Ee: Much Ado about Everything
Adam Van Hal: Onion Routing, Not a Bitter Technology
Ryan Van Schubert: Kuyper in the 21st Century
Seth Vande Voort: Recreation Center Improvements for Dordt College
Brian Verwoelf: T.I.P.: “Social Coaching”
Vero Visser and Matt Bonnema: Latin Flavor
Jessica Wesselius: The Language Debate
Gabe Zoeteway: Android: A Reminder to Take Your Medicine

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