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Students engage in service during spring break

February 28, 2012

It’s not surprising that approximately 130 students from Dordt College are preparing to spend their spring break on service projects throughout the U.S. and into Canada. Within the last year, about one in three Dordt students were actively involved in volunteering activities. And approximately one in 10 students were engaged in community-based service learning and practicum experiences as part of their required course work.

So as part of an ongoing desire to make service a part of everyday life, these students have chosen to participate in a week-long mission trip with PLIA (Putting Love Into Action). Beginning on March 8, students will travel to one of the following locations: Argentine, Kansas; Carmel, New York; Inez, Kentucky; Cincinnati, Ohio; Denver, Colorado; Atlanta, Georgia; Neon, Kentucky; New Orleans, Louisiana; Cary, Mississippi; Bozeman, Montana; Las Vegas, Nevada; Camden, New Jersey; Shiprock, New Mexico; Salt Lake City, Utah; and Toronto, Canada.

At the sites, students will do a wide variety of jobs such as home repair and painting, cleanup of center grounds or facilities, and childcare or teaching. They also help by cultivating long-term relationships between Dordt and the organization the group is serving. While on the trip, groups also typically find some time away for recreation or sightseeing.

Dordt College’s distinctive approach to education recognizes that learning must lead to service, and that service enhances learning. Because of its active commitment to service, Dordt College has been named an honor roll member by the President’s Higher Education community Service Honor Roll. Learn more about service projects that Dordt College is involved in at

Other students will spend spring break traveling and performing with the Dordt College Concert Choir on a five-state music tour through Nebraska, Colorado, California, Arizona, and New Mexico. Several Defender athletic teams will continue play during break, including the men’s basketball team, which qualified for the NAIA national tournament to be played in Missouri. Find more information about the choir tour at and more information about the basketball team, including the NAIA schedule, at

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