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Dordt College Ag Club receives multiple awards and honors

February 24, 2012

The Dordt College Ag Club showed up in force at the Spring Iowa PAS (Post-Secondary Agriculture Students) Conference in Waterloo, Iowa, on February 2 and 3. Five Dordt teams placed within the top five in their categories and several students earned top individual honors.

Dordt sent 18 students who competed in the College Bowl, Overall Livestock Specialty, Crop Specialty, Dairy Specialty, Equine Specialty, Agriculture Education, Agriculture Sales, and Employment Interview contests.

Four students earned gold awards in individual competitions. Freshman Kristina Heflin of Yuba City, California, took first high individual honors in the Livestock Specialty category. Junior Jon Luetchens of Murdock, Nebraska, earned first place in the Agriculture Education competition. Junior Michael Gallagher of Hornick, Iowa, received first place in the Agriculture Sales competition. Junior Abigail Talcott of Glide, Oregon, won first place in the Forestry and Natural Resources Employment Interview category.

In team competitions, the Livestock Specialist Team #2 won first place. The team consisted of freshman Brock Brenneman of Parnell, Iowa, sophomore Holly Enerson of Estherville, Iowa, and Heflin.

Although many Dordt students qualified for the National PAS competition, the dates conflict with some students’ spring break plans. However, five qualifying students will represent Dordt College’s Ag Club at Nationals in Des Moines, Iowa, March 14 through 16. These students are Brenneman; sophomore Vernon Oostra of Hull, Iowa; junior Erin Davelaar of Brandon, South Dakota; junior Drew De Vries of Maurice, Iowa; and senior Tyler Woodward of Hamburg, Iowa. They will participate in the College Bowl, Dairy Specialty, Crop Specialty, and Employment Interview competitions.

The Dordt Ag Club has been a member of the Iowa PAS for two years but participated for the first time this year. At the event, 321 students represented institutions in Iowa offering post-secondary degrees in agriculture.

Dordt College is one of only a handful of Christian colleges in North America to offer a four-year agriculture program. Over the past several years, all Dordt agriculture students have found positions within six months of graduating, most much sooner. Some enter careers not only in farming and technical service support but also in government, finance, and international development. Learn more at

Complete listing of Dordt College's Ag Club 2012 PAS Conference results

College Bowl
Dordt Team #3 – 3rd place
Brock Brenneman, Vernon Oostra, Kristina Heflin, Holly Enerson, and Brady Rhoda

Dordt Team #2 – 4th place
Jon Luetchens, Caleb Wubben, Erin Davelaar, Abigail Talcott, and Geoffrey Stout

Dordt Team #1 – 20th place
Michael Gallagher, Tyler Woodward, Jason Hengeveld, Drew De Vries, and Parker Merritt

Team Career Program Area
Livestock Specialist Team #2 - 1st place
Brock Brenneman, Holly Enerson, and Kristina Heflin – Kristina Heflin 1st high individual and Holly Enerson 2nd high individual

Livestock Specialist Team #1 - 4th place
Jon Luetchens, Caleb Wubben, and Cora Davidson – Caleb Wubben 3rd high individual

Dairy Specialist Team #2 – 5th place
Joel Dotinga, Vernon Oostra, and Geoffrey Stout

Crop Specialist Team #2 – 6th place
Drew De Vries, Parker Merritt

Dairy Specialist Team #1 – 6th place
Brady Rhoda, Casey Rhoda, and Erin Davelaar

Crop Specialist Team #1 – 15th place
Michael Gallagher, Tyler Woodward

Individual Career Programs
Ag. Education - 1st place - Jon Luetchens

Ag Sales - 1st place - Michael Gallagher

Forestry and Natural Resources Employment Interview – 1st Place - Abigail Talgott

Dairy Production Employment Interview - 2nd place -Vernon Oostra

Livestock Production Employment Interview - 3rd place -Drew De Vries

Ag Sales – 7th place - Jason Hengeveld

Equine Specialist – 7th place - Cora Davidson

Agribusiness Administration Employment Interview – 7th place - Geoffrey Stout

Equine Specialist – 11th place - Kristina Heflin

Equine Specialist – 16th place - Holly Enerson

Those participating in the National PAS Conference in Des Moines on March 14-16.

College Bowl
Vernon Oostra
Brock Brenneman
Erin Davelaar
Drew De Vries
Tyler Woodward

Employment Interview- Dairy Production
Vernon Oostra

Employment Interview- Livestock Production
Drew De Vries

Crops Specialist
Drew De Vries
Tyler Woodward

Dairy Specialist
Brock Brenneman
Vernon Oostra
Erin Davelaar

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