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“Go team, go team, fight, fight, fight!” Dordt Defenders resurrect student-led Pep Band

December 22, 2011

It’s apparent that the crowd at Dordt College men’s basketball games doesn’t need much help getting excited for the game, with the team’s #2 ranking in the NAIA Division II Men’s Basketball Coaches’ Poll and their 15-1 record thus far. Even so, the new Dordt College Pep Band has taken on the task, and the crowd loves it.

The student-led Pep Band, which hasn’t performed in well over a decade, is made up of students from the college’s Concert Band and Campus-Community Band and other students with instrumental talents.

Dordt College senior Anna Kalfs of Okabena, Minn., is the Pep Band’s director. Kalfs is a music major with emphases in instrumental and secondary education. She is minoring in English/language arts and is a Kuyper Scholar. Sophomore Devin Veenstra serves as assistant director. Veenstra, of Pella, Iowa, is also a music major with emphases in instrumental and secondary education.

The Pep Band will perform at the January 28 and February 11 home games, and because of positive feedback from the crowd at the December 10 game, Kalfs says they might try to increase the number of performances.

“Performing at the game was a thrill for me and the band members. It was fun to watch the crowd enjoy the music and help them get excited for the game. Playing definitely enhanced the atmosphere of the game as well,” said Kalfs.

Fight Song
With Pep Band came the resurrection of the Dordt Fight Song. Here are the lyrics for those who want to be ready for the next game featuring the Pep Band:

Dordt Defenders, we must agree,
Our team’s aim is victory.
Go Defenders!
Guard that court for Dordt! Dordt! Dordt!


Go team, go team, black and white.
Play this game with all your might!
Go team, go team, fight, fight, fight!
We’re going to win this game tonight!


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