Dordt College News

Environmental Studies expert Dr. Calvin DeWitt presents Dordt lecture

October 28, 2011

“What are People for? Role of Humans and the Value of Creation” is the topic of a lecture presented by Dr. Calvin DeWitt, professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He will speak on Wednesday, November 9, at 7:30 p.m. in the Dordt College Science and Technology Center room SB 101.

“The presentation will be specifically oriented toward encouraging and helping the audience fulfill their responsibility to care for creation in their own situations and contexts,” said Dordt College Professor of Agriculture Ron Vos, who has been coordinating DeWitt’s trip.

DeWitt is an expert in and teaches about land stewardship, faith-based environmental stewardship, wetlands ecology and stewardship, and wetland systems in relation to groundwater resources. He assists organizations in developing and building institutions that work toward ecological sustainability. He has written numerous books and articles dealing with creation care.

DeWitt is a recipient of the National Wildlife Federation’s “Connie Award” for exceptional service to conservation, a Special Achievement Award from Friends of the United Nations for building an environmental institution, and the Chancellor’s Distinguished Teaching award in 1995.

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