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Dordt College Prairie Walk Aug. 16

August 8, 2011

In the 1800s, Northwest Iowa was covered by tall grass prairie. Today, few people in Iowa have walked through a tall grass prairie and most wouldn’t recognize one if they saw it. But Dordt College’s prairie restoration project is changing that, and people of all ages can enjoy more than 80 species of native wildflowers and grasses while biking or walking the path through the prairie connecting Dordt’s campus to east 1st Street.

The third Prairie Walk of the summer through the Dordt College prairie will be held August 16 at 7 p.m. All are invited. Participants should meet by the bird/wildlife sign at the northwest corner of the Dordt soccer field. Parking is available east and south of Covenant Hall on the east end of campus.

Dordt College biology and environmental studies faculty and students will help guide and inform small groups about the many aspects of the prairie. They will share an introduction to the prairie, discuss recent management practices, and explain what people can expect to see in the future. Participants will each receive a brochure with photos identifying the plants in bloom.

People who have attended a walk earlier this summer will see how the prairie’s landscape changes as new species of wildflowers and grasses emerge. A final guided tour through the prairie will be held September 20. June and July Prairie Walks were also held, with about 30 people of all ages attending each.

Restoration projects like Dordt’s prairie help to preserve unique species of wildflowers and grasses; provide habitat for birds, butterflies, and other wildlife; and offer residents the opportunity to learn and appreciate this beautiful part of God’s creation.

More information about and photos of the Dordt College Prairie can be found at The Prairie Walks are co-sponsored by Dordt College and the Sioux Center Public Library.

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