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Past Summer Seminar Session topics

July 14, 2011

July 11
Art Professor David Versluis: Creating and Refining Graphic Design Projects

Versluis examined the variety of projects Dordt graphic design students have completed for campus and for local organizations during the past decade. He also addressed the advantages and demands that come with the department’s community involvement.

Dordt College junior Paige Fynaardt: Research on the Protein Integrin
Junior Paige Fynaardt also presented her summer research on the protein integrin. The purpose of Fynaardt’s research has been to aid in the production of a drug that can help with arthritis pain and the prevention of kidney transplant rejection.

June 15
Associate Professor of Education Barb Hoekstra: Changes to Core 399

Hoekstra presented on behalf of the Core 399 team which also included Instructor Howard Schaap and Professor Mark Tazelaar. She unveiled the new format of the Core 399 class, which is being restructured in ways that will facilitate more discussion. Students will now spend the bulk of their time working in groups with a mentor to research answers to a weighty social and cultural question.

June 8
English Professor Bob De Smith: Everything You Never Knew about the KJV

De Smith, who presented recently at a conference celebrating the 400th anniversary of the King James (KJV) Bible, explored the answers to the questions: Where did the KJV come from? What are its important features? What should we make of the KJV-only movement? And what does the legacy of this version tell us about how to read our Bibles today?

June 1
Mathematics Instructor Val Zonnefeld and Registrar Jim Bos: Highlights from Institutional Research

This interactive “Quiz Show” style presentation gave the audience a look at some institutional statistics and explained the U.S. News and World Report rankings that the college participates in each year. Zonnefeld and Bos shared several interesting stats, including the average debt of a Dordt student compared to similar and nearby universities. The average Dordt College student graduates with $19,988 of debt. The average debt for graduates at five comparable Christian colleges was higher in every case. Six nearby public universities’ average debts were also compared, and all but one had an average debt higher than Dordt’s average. This statistic can be explain in part because of Dordt’s reasonable tuition rates and the generous scholarship packages offered; 98 percent of all Dordt students receive financial aid in the form of scholarships, loans, grants, and workstudy opportunities.

May 23
Sanneke Kok, coordinator of academic services for minority and international students: What Happens in EAP 101 – Academic Interaction and EAP 102 Academic Writing

In addition to sharing background information about linguistic requirements for non-native English-speaking students, Kok described Dordt’s two academic English courses. She specifically discussed what these students can be expected to do and what expectations would be unrealistic. In keeping with a discussion about other countries and cultures, participants enjoyed samplings of traditional Korean foods.

May 18
Assistant Professor of History David Zwart: The Tulip Festival and Rene Clement’s Promising Land

This presentation was quite timely as Orange City was just beginning its annual Tulip Festival celebration. Zwart argued that “The Tulip Festival serves as both a way to reflect an ethnic identity but also to construct and to project an identity to attract an audience.” The Dutch heritage that is prominent in much of northwest Iowa was examined, and Zwart shared information about the history and context of the Tulip Festival.

Art Professor David Versluis: Discussion of Rene Clement’s Promising Land
A supplement to the first presentation, Versluis led participants through the Campus Center art gallery and discussed renowned New York photographer Rene Clement’s photographs on display. His Promising Land display showcased photographs of several Orange City residents in traditional Dutch garb.


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